June 16, 2020

11:00 am EST – 12:00 pm EST


Developing and Mentoring in Extremis Leaders: Ensuring Success Amidst Chaos and Crisis

Chaveso “Chevy” Cook, Major, US Army

Founder and Executive Director, Military Mentors

9/11. The wars in Iraq or Afghanistan. Hurricane Katrina. The Boston Marathon Bombing. COVID-19. In all these situations, ranging from armed conflict to health catastrophe, one’s ability to lead in an emergency must be forged well before the emergency is at hand. In other words, as Jack Bovender, then CEO for Hospital Corporation of America, said during the Hurricane Katrina aftermath, “you cannot change yourself in thirty minutes into something you have not been for thirty years.” Leading in high stress and/or dangerous contexts is fundamentally the same, yet qualitatively different, from leading in other contexts. These contexts are known as in extremis, defined by Kolditz (2007) as leading where there is physical danger or where followers believe that leader behavior will influence their well-being and outcomes mean more than success or failure. The unique psychological, social, and organizational demands that arise during in extremis situations is what makes leading, and thusly mentoring, for these contexts markedly different. Arguably, these contexts produce leaders that are high performing and teams that are high functioning – desirable traits in any field.


July 13, 2020

4:00 pm EST – 5:00 pm EST


Global Perspectives on Mentoring: Past, Present, and Future

Riza Kadilar, President, EMCC

Brenda Marina, President, IMA

Ann Rolfe, Consultant, Mentoring Works

Mentoring: We are all in this together! This discussion will feature mentor leaders from various locales across the globe that will engage in a thought-provoking dialogue to provide insights about mentoring over time, mentoring during changing times and mentorship for the future. Drawing from both research and praxis, this conversation will help us to continue to mentor strong!


August 4, 2020

11:00 am EST – 12:00 pm EST


Mobile Mentoring: Mentors and Mentees Crossing Distance and Time for Quality Support

Marsha Carr, University of NC at Wilmington, Edu-tell, LLC

Much as society is evolving through the thrust of external forces, mentoring is also embryonic to the demands of individual mentee needs. Too often adversity breeds potential. The Pandemic pushed many of us from ease to pioneering innovative deliver and receiving approaches, especially in the area of mentoring and coaching. This webinar will focus on Mobile Mentors, an innovative mentoring delivery model designed to provide face-to-face mentoring in remote and isolated locations through robotics. Yes, Mentoring Robots – What do they look like? Does this work? How is this even possible? This delivery mode; hence, will be reviewed with specificity for those interested in the design model and implementation. Recommended for those wishing to write grants to support mentoring.


September 16, 2020

11:00 am EST – 12:00 pm EST


Mentoring and the Mythological Need for the Other

Kwame Scruggs, Founder and Director, Alchemy, Akron, Ohio

Mentoring will be viewed through the lens of myth. Common themes in myth are often common themes in life. We find in myth that the hero/heroine never accomplishes their tasks alone; they always have some sort of assistance from a guide, a mentor. Using the mentoring program “Alchemy” as an example, we will explore some mythological traits of the mentor/mentee relationship through myth.