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The Learner Logbook and Action Plans

We have compiled this practical and comprehensive Logbook to enable mentees to have, in one place, all the information they need to support them through the course of their mentoring relationship.    It includes pages to record the initial learning agreement, contact details, schedules, learning goals, notes of meetings, pages for reflective practice and those all-important action plans.

Practical and compact, the Logbook helps to provide the complete “narrative” of the coach/mentoring relationship.

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     Coaching and Mentoring in the Workplace:                   A Toolkit for Pragmatists

This practical, easy-to-follow and comprehensive toolkit has been designed primarily for those individuals in the workplace whose primary function may not be directly connected with coaching or mentoring.  Such individuals may volunteer or be assigned the responsibility to provide coach/mentoring support to less experienced individuals – students,  apprentices, immigrants, refugees, women returners, people with a disability, etc.

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