The IMA is a member-run organization, and we welcome members to host a webinar. Below are the guidelines for hosting a webinar with the IMA. If you are interested in doing so, please contact


The International Mentoring Association (IMA) sees mentoring as the most effective lever available for transforming the quality and effectiveness of human growth and endeavors. Through our conversations, articles, presentations, publications, and projects, we are committed to provide a forum for discussing mentoring best practices, trends, emerging new ideas, and strategies that will inspire us as leaders and transform our organizations and practices. In this way, we expect to truly change the world through effective mentoring.


  • To promote engagement of members.
  • To provide professional learning opportunities for members in all geographic locations.
  • To reach potential new members.


  • Webinars must have IMA logo on all slides (Our tech can do this if necessary).
  • Webinars must include a link to the IMA website on at least one slide.
  • Speakers must verbally promote membership.
  • A webinar is like an interactive workshop while the webcast is the keynote address. Surveys and polls can be included. The audience can ask questions, via text messages for large groups and live for small groups.
  • All webinars should adhere to the IMA guidelines and mission.
  • Webinars cannot be used as a platform for corporate partners to market their products.
  • Speakers must be current IMA members.
  • The IMA will retain a copy of the webinar to post on our website.
  • Speakers must submit short biography, picture, and marketing blurb to promote.
  • Webinars must be between 30-45 minutes, with up to 15 additional minutes for questions.


  • Four weeks before webinar: speaker must be committed to date/time of webinar and trained in WebEx if necessary.
  • Three weeks before webinar: speaker must send draft of PowerPoint to IMA for editing
  • Two weeks before webinar: speaker conducts a run-through of the webinar with IMA staff, can begin promoting event (the IMA promotes as well).
  • One week before webinar: all materials are ready to go, and an additional run through is held if necessary.
  • Day of webinar: speaker joins webinar a minimum of 30 minutes early to troubleshoot technical issues and to welcome attendees.