Accred Logo GOLD-demoThe Value of IMA Mentoring Program Accreditation

The International Mentoring Association (IMA) provides accreditation of mentoring programs to recognize programs that meet rigorous mentoring program standards based on years of research and practice in the field of mentoring. All accredited programs are well designed, meet participant developmental and growth needs, and achieve the program’s purposes.

Accred_logo_GOLD_plain SAMPLEQuestions about mentoring program accreditation?

Accreditation provides many benefits:

  • Provides program leadership with an external review of their program design and implementation—in support of their continuous improvement efforts;
  • Rewards program managment and participants for their commitment to personal and professional growth;
  • Improves the credentials of program participants;
  • Provides organizations with a competitive edge for attracting new and high quality candidates and applicants; and
  • Helps programs gain or maintain funding by confirming their value.

The IMA also extends additional benefits to accredited programs:

  • Use of the IMA accreditation logo in all program documents and marketing materials, both electronic and tangible, such as program resources, brochures, reports, and websites;
  • Recognition in IMA materials and website of the program’s accreditation status, with a link to the program’s home page;
  • A corporate membership to the IMA, which provides membership, and all the benefits of membership, for multiple members of the program;
  • A 15% discount on all IMA materials and publications; and
  • A framed certificate of accreditation.

Application Resources

For a description of the application process and resources, visit the Program Accrediation page. Specific resources include the following.

  • IMA Mentoring Program Accreditation Request for Applications (PDF)
    Download Here
  • Program Accreditation Application Cover Form (PDF)
    Download Here
  • IMA Mentoring Program Standards (PDF)
    Download Here
  • Board of Directors’ Policy on Accreditation (PDF)
    Download Here


  1. Andy Mead


    Good morning,
    Can you provide me with a listing of agencies that have achieved IMA Program Accreditation to date ?

    Thank you,

    • Micah Garcia



      Thank you for inquiring about accreditation. There is currently one program that has achieved accreditation, Elmhurst College Center for Professional Excellence Mentoring Program. They are currently undergoing the process to renew their accreditation – the “Accredited Programs” page will be updated to reflect the new term of their accreditation once the process is complete. There are other programs that are currently pursuing accreditation, unfortunately I cannot disclose any information about those programs until they have completed the accreditation process. If you have any questions concerning accreditation please contact David Balderas at

      Have a great day!,

      Micah Garcia – Marketing Assistant | International Mentoring Association

  2. Reply

    Are you aware that the EU is focusing on extending their standards creation focus to include services? and have you considered submitting your IMA Mentoring Program Standards to the EU for EU accreditation?

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