The IMA seeks and rewards excellence in mentoring service and practice.

Program Accreditation

Program Accreditation identifies those mentoring programs that are well designed, high functioning, and successful. Accredited programs meet the needs of the mentors and proteges and achieve program goals.

Accredited programs can serve as role models, whether they receive silver or gold accreditation. Through a rigorous process linked to IMA program standards, accredited programs have proved their excellence.

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Consultant / Trainer Certification

Consultant / Trainer Certification is for individuals and consulting companies that can help mentoring programs meet IMA program standards and that have responsible business practices.  Certified consultants can help at many stages of the mentoring process and mentoring program development.

Certified consultants have a track record of high-quality service. Through a rigorous application process, they meet stringent criteria for mentoring knowledge, mentoring program development, and credibility.

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