The International Mentoring Association accepts manuscripts and manuscript proposals from IMA members. We welcome any and all submissions with the potential to promote and enhance the field of mentoring.

Quick overview: All IMA publications are available for sale through this website, at IMA-sponsored events, on, and through major book distribution channels. Ebooks will be available for Kindle and Apple iBooks. Publications will be promoted through Amazon, this website, varous online platforms, and our newsletter and other publications and products. Authors receive royalty payments that are more generous than major publishing companies, and authors retain all copyrights.

Book proposals: If you are just getting started with your book, or if you already have your manuscript in draft form, first send us an overview of the book before sending a manuscript. Use the Book Proposal Form below. This information will help guide the review process and will assist in book promotions.

Manuscript format: When you send a manuscript for review, send the manuscript formatted as you wish. The file must be accessible by Microsoft Word. When submitting the final manuscript, download and follow the Manuscript Format Guide below. The format requirements will facilitate a professional layout of your book.

After you submit your proposal and review copy: Submissions will be reviewed by an internal editorial review board for content, presentation, and alignment with IMA principles and standards. (We strongly urge authors to have their books professionally edited for clarity, organization, style, and writing mechanics.) The review team will work with the author(s) to ensure the manuscript has solid, useful content and will meet the needs of mentors, mentees, and program leadership, among others. The IMA will also work with the author to design an attractive, effective cover and internal layout, suitible for distribution.

In brief, we are committed to providing exceptional publications and other resources to the mentoring field. If you are an IMA member, consider publishing with the IMA.

You can send book proposals and draft manuscripts to Nora Dominguez, IMA president, at


Manuscript Format Guide

Book Proposal Form

IMA publishing policy, approved 4/1/2013

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