10313822_695868500459592_2155463141167603600_n   Name: The Mentoring Institute

  Membership: Member since 2013

  Bio: The Mentoring Institute develops, coordinates and integrates research and training activities in mentoring best practices at the University of New Mexico (UNM). Through the application of instructional design standards, the Institute provides training and  certification services for a diverse array of staff, faculty and students, in a centralized effort to recruit, train and develop qualified mentors for the University, the City of Albuquerque and the greater New Mexico community.

  Contact info: fsears1@unm.edu

Website: http://mentor.unm.edu


yess logo  Name: YESS Institute

  Membership: Member since 2015

  Bio: YESS Institute uses a peer-mentoring framework to deliver a school-based culturally sensitive emotional intelligence and academic intervention curriculum. The YESS Program promotes positive youth development by providing students with the skills to shift the negative cycle of poverty, dropout and violence into a positive cycle of leadership development, civic engagement, and economic contribution.

  Contact info: yess.carlokriekels@gmail.com, yess.helenp@gmail.com

  Website: www.yessinstitute.org