Who Should Join the IMA?

We welcome anyone interested in the theory, research, and practice of effective mentoring, including:

  • Mentoring program directors,
  • Staff and organization development leaders,
  • Educators (K-12 through graduate),
  • Human resource directors,
  • Business and not-for-profit professionals,
  • Mentoring researchers,
  • Mentor trainers and consultants,
  • Policy-makers, and
  • Mentors and protégés.

Join the International Mentoring Association to be a part of the world’s leader in mentoring. To join, visit the Membership Application page.

Membership Benefits

The IMA Delivers the keys to unlock your Mentoring & Program success! The IMA extends the following benefits to members and their organizations.

  • Annual Conference – Save on registration for the outstanding International Mentoring Conference, institutes, and regional events; Receive discounts on all IMA publications.
  • Website – Access the full text of over 500 articles on best practices, expert advice, mentoring research, proven models, and program descriptions.
  • Webinars – Free access to our monthly webinars
  • The Link – Receive current mentoring news and the latest expert guidance, eight times a year in our e-newsletter.
  • Connect – Receive our quarterly members only publication
  • Accreditation – Follow the accreditation guidelines to improve your programs; apply for accreditation status.
  • Affiliation – Deliver IMA services in your area or region as an authorized IMA affiliate.
  • Mentoring expertise – Receive face-to-face, phone, and email advice and insights from mentoring experts and practitioners in your mentoring role and setting.
  • Research – Access 4,000 mentor research citations in the annotated Mentoring Body of Knowledge, plus mentoring research reports, syntheses of these reports (conclusions), and best practice recommendations drawn from this research.
  • Interaction – Interact with members through two mentoring discussion networks.
  • Participate – Participate in IMA initiatives, along with leaders in the mentoring field.
  • Publish – Publish through the IMA’s members-only publication services and through the IMA’s magazine, Connect.

Membership in the IMA demonstrates your commitment to continuous growth, your professionalism, and your belief in the value and benefits of mentoring.

Membership Levels

The IMA offers 4 levels of membership to address the diverse needs of the mentoring community. Each level is described below, along with the corresponding annual membership fee. Membership is accepted at any time during the year.

Membership title: Individual: Member Membership price: USD 95

Membership details:

This membership is for one person who may work at any organization or institution.

Membership title: Student: Member Membership price: USD 50

Membership details:

For currently enrolled students only. Confirmation of full-time student status must be included with the membership form or mailed separately to finalize web applications. (Transcripts or a signed letter from the admissions department will be accepted as proof).

Membership title: Non-profit Institutional: Member Membership price: USD 150

Membership details:

The non-profit institutional membership is like the corporate membership but is geared toward educational and other community-based not-for-profit organizations. This membership allows you to name two individuals to receive membership benefits and information. A second delegate is not required.

Membership title: Corporate / Government: Member Membership price: USD 400

Membership details:

This is for a corporation or a government agency, whether federal or local. Membership may include five persons rather than simply listing the name of the organization. All will receive the same membership benefits and all mailings and information. A multiple delegates are not required.

Two additional categories of membership include emeritus and life. These categories are extended by the board of directors under special circumstances, ie.: past presidents and/or posthumous.