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By Col. Dr. Mark Melanson, U.S. Army

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The purpose of this article is to share some leadership insights that I have discovered during my career as an Army Medical Department leader. While this is not an exhaustive treatise on the vast subject of leadership, it is a crisp list of ten practical tidbits that I learned for myself through leadership research and practice, and from observing other skilled leaders who mentored me. My hope is that leaders of all kinds, young and old, new and seasoned, will find these tips both practical and beneficial and pass them on to others.

Start by Leading Yourself

Although it may appear obvious, it is worth clearly stating that in order to effectively lead others, you must ultimately begin with properly leading yourself. The very first step in doing this is ensuring that you have a balanced, healthy degree of self discipline; this includes your conduct both on and off duty. Any reckless behavior in your personal life will most certainly detract from your professionalism as a leader. In the end, if you cannot lead yourself, all the time, you will be unable to effectively lead others.

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