Name: Barbara Trube

 Membership: Has been a member since 2012

 Organization: University of Ohio, Chillicothe Campus

 Bio: Mary Barbara Trube, Professor of Education at Ohio University, Chillicothe Campus, has been a mentor and teacher educator for more than thirty years. Her research interests include international education, curriculum development, and mentoring. She has  designed online professional development and resources for mentors working with beginning teachers. She facilitates peer-mentoring among pre-service teachers in order that they are better prepared for the work of professional educators. Her approaches to facilitating a culture of mentoring include creating an awareness of appreciative inquiry, educational diplomacy, and mindfulness. She is co-editor of the 2015 volume, Mentoring for the Professions: Orienting toward the Future.

Contact info: trube@ohio.edu



chrisleachpic Name: Chris Leach

 Membership: Has been a member since 2014

 Organization: Intellimentoring

 Bio: Chris Leach facilitates setting up mentoring programs in businesses. He coaches and mentors executives, mostly in businesses, and especially the IT sector.

 Contact info: chris@intellimentoring.com, +61.0407.557.227

Website: www.intellimentoring.com







 Name: June Read

 Membership: Has been a member since 2013

 Organization: Pacific Western Transportation LTD

 Bio: Since 2011, June has been the director of the NextGen leadership intern program for Pacific Western Transportation. Her role has been to collaborate with the senior leaders to develop and support a structured mentoring framework for the NextGen cohort of high potential leaders within the passenger transportation line of business. As a business professional for over 30 years, June’s professional and volunteer efforts have touched upon training, educational research, publishing, community outreach, communications, marketing, operations, and human resources. Her eclectic background offers diversity of perspective in the area of mentoring.

Contact info: juner@corp.pwt.ca, june@juneread.ca, 403.998.6061



 Name: Ken Magdaleno

 Membership: Has been a member since 2014, and has been featured in the Link

 Organization: Center for Leadership Equality And Research (CLEAR)

 Bio: Dr. Kenneth R. Magdaleno serves as Director of the Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership at California State University, Fresno and teaches in both the Masters and Doctoral programs focusing on the areas of School Administration and Cross-Cultural Leadership. Dr. Magdaleno is also the Founder and Executive Director of the nonprofit Center for Leadership, Equity, and Research (CLEAR) whose main purpose is the advancement and sustainability of educational leaders through mentoring. In addition, he has been instrumental in the development and enhancement of a Staff Mentoring Program at Fresno State and this coming year will launch the development of an on-campus Leadership Mentoring Center.

Contact Info:  kmagdaleno@clearvoz.com

Website: www.clearvoz.com


IMG_1268 - Version 2 Name: Lisa Jones

 Membership: Has been a member since 2007

 Organization: Calgary Foster Parents Association

 Bio: The CPFA supports foster families and advocates for the betterment of children in care. One of the ways we do this is by providing mentorship to new foster and kinship homes. Mentoring provides encouragement and support from some one who has shared the same experience. Mentoring provides after-hours support, emotional reinforcement, as well as practical and realistic advise. The Calgary & District Foster Parents Association contracted with the Calgary Area Child and Family Services in 2007 with the idea that each new foster family in the area with the idea that each new foster family would have a mentor. The program provides training to mentors, orientation to mentees, matching, support, and evaluation. Each new family has a mentor for the first 12 months of their fostering experience.

Contact info: lisajones@cfpamentor.org, 403.995.1599

Website: cfpamentor.org


Me Name: Maria Valentin-Welch, DNP, MPH, CNM, FACNM

 Membership: Has been a member since 2014

 Organization: American College of Nurse-Midwives; Frontier Nursing University

 Bio: Established a national online mentoring program for ethnically diverse student nurse-midwives via the American College of Nurse-Midwives, and created a tutorial pilot framework for this mentoring program for her Doctorate in Nursing Practice (DNP) degree.

 Contact info: midwives4everyone@gmail.com, 919.545.0689

Website: https://portal.frontier.edu/

Bond ML 2006 Name: Mary Lou Bond

 Membership: Member since 2000

 Organization: The University of Texas at Arlington College of Nursing and Health Innovation

 Bio: She practiced nurse-midwifery in central Mexico before beginning her professional career as a faculty member which spans teaching at all educational levels. As an educational administrator, she served as Assistant Dean and Associate Dean, (University of Texas at Arlington) and as Interim Dean (University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences). She was the founding Associate Dean of the PhD in Nursing Program at UT Arlington. Dr. Bond is Professor Emerita and Senior Advisor to the Center for Hispanic Studies in Nursing and Health (CHSNH). She is a Visiting Director at Universidad Internacional in Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico. She was founder of the Challenge to Leadership Program, a forerunner of the UTA Hispanic Student Nurses’ Association, and Co-Founder of the Center for Hispanic Studies in Nursing and Health (1996) which has the goal of fostering increased understanding between health providers and persons of Hispanic origin.

 Name: Michael_03_CroppedMichael Gerald Jones

 Membership: Has been a member since 2015

 Organization: Chicago Scholars

 Bio: Director of Mentors, Volunteers, and Interns at Chicago Scholars. The Chicago Scholars Mentoring Program pairs our Scholars with adult mentors from across the city of Chicago. Mentors serve as important guides to our first-generation and under-resourced youth as they tackle college admissions process in their senior year of high school. Mentors offer advice, assist Scholars with their college applications and essays, encourage Scholars to explore a wide range of colleges, and tackle career options. Mentorship is critical to the success of these talented young people as we guide them into college and beyond to their careers.

 Contact info: mjohns@chigagoscholars.org, 312.784.3303

Website: www.chicagoscholars.org





University of North Texas. Photo taken on (German Torres/UNT Photo) Name: Rachel Cleveland

 Membership: Has been a member since 2014

 Organization: Professional Leadership Program at University of North Texas

 Bio: Professional Leadership Program (PLP) is a student development initiative that connects students with mentors in the industry they are wanting to be apart of, while providing them with an on campus classroom environment to develop soft skills.

 Contact info: rachel.cleveland@unt.edu, 940.565.3697

 Website: cob.unt.edu/plp

 Name: Shawn Mintz

 Membership: Has been a member since 2013, and has submitted to the Link and hosted an IMA webinar

 Organization: MentorCity™

 Bio: MentorCity™ offers comprehensive, easy-to-use, and cost effective online mentoring software for companies, schools, and associations for their member engagement, succession planning, leadership development, and diversity and inclusion strategies. There is also a global mentoring program that can be accessed by everyone for free.

Shawn Mintz, the President of MentorCity™ has over 10 years of experience in the career and employment services sector. He has created award-winning mentoring initiatives that have helped thousands of people to achieve greater success.

Contact Info: shawn.mintz@MentorCity.com, 1.888.532.7503 ext. 101

Website: www.mentorcity.com





 Name: Walter Eschler 

 Membership: Has been a member since 2009

 Organization: Free Selective Executive Mentorship (FSEM)

 Bio:Walter is a retired senior executive with extensive life experience and a successful track record of 40+ years of Global International Business Leadership in both high growth and restructuring environments, including mergers and acquisitions with specific expertise in Finance, Marketing and Human Resources. He has always nurtured a passion for developing people, obtaining a Master in Coaching and Consulting for Change (INSEAD/HEC) and now providing Free Selective Executive Mentorship to the market niche of highly motivated female global/international emerging executives with high aspirations and who are facing specific obstacles and challenges as they move upward in leadership roles. 

Contact info: walter.eschler@hotmail.com, 41.79.623.06.73