Share your mentoring experiences with the world and publish your work in the International Mentoring Association’s magazine, Connect.

Criteria for Submission of Articles to Connect Magazine


  1. Articles should be no longer than 5-pages typed and double-spaced in a Word document (Please, no pdf documents). Font must be in Times New Roman, 12pt. A brief title reflecting the subject is also required (Title should not exceed 80 characters, not including spaces).
  2. Articles must be written in grammatically correct, clear and coherent English, and suitable for publication. While articles will receive secondary edits prior to publication in Connect, primary editing is the responsibility of the author.
  3. Articles must be formally and logically structured using paragraphs and headings if necessary. For example, an introduction, a description or development section with appropriate detail for a 3-4-page article and an analysis leading to a conclusion is a commonly accepted and logically structured article.
  4. Articles must present new concepts to IMA readers. A basic description of a generic mentoring program is not instructive, rather, we are looking for a description of a new or particularly successful program or methodology with an analysis of why it is successful, how it can be replicated or applied in other contexts, etc. Equally valuable to readers would be an article about a mentoring coordinator who has done significant work in developing, changing or improving a program to make it more successful.
  5. Articles should be sent to the IMA by the 15th of the month indicated (see publication timeline) before the next edition is due to be published.
  6. A brief bio of the writer of the article is required, the bio should not be more than 300 words and is to be independent to the article itself.
  7. While articles may be brief and not necessarily academic in nature, we require original work that utilizes citations in the body of the article (see example) with references at the end of the article that follow the American Psychology Association (APA) reference style writing. No footnotes or endnotes.


Theme                                                                                Submission Deadline                                                                                   Publication Date

General                                                                                September 15                                                                                                  November 15

Mentoring: Best Practices                                                 December 15                                                                                                   February 15

General (with conference highlights)                              March 15                                                                                                             May 15

Mentoring and Social Justice                                            June 15th                                                                                                           August 15

General                                                                                September 15                                                                                                  November 15