Incentives & Recognition

These two topics can be addressed most effectively by considering them together. Hence the discussion on this page below the links is best read before going to the separate pages which are linked here.

THE KEY QUESTIONS for this section

  • How does recognition fit with or compare to incentives for mentoring?
  • What interaction is there between incentives and recognition?
  • What is the link between motivation and incentives?
  • Is it better to use extrinsic or intrinsic motivators as mentoring incentives?  What are the pros & cons?
  • What incentives will attract the best candidates to serve as mentors?
    • Modified / reduced work assignments and schedules?
    • Leadership opportunities?
    • Re-licensure / re-certification credit?
    • Stipends?
    • Other incentives?
  • Should we provide a mentoring stipend or other forms of incentives and recognition?
  • In what other ways can mentors be compensated for their additional work and participation?
  • What amount of mentor choice is needed in any incentives approach?