Define Selection & Matching of Mentors

By Barry Sweeny, 2003

The previous “selection” definition shows exactly how it is different, though related to the process of matching.

  • SELECTION – is the process of deciding who is qualified to serve as a mentor to anyone.The most obvious implication of this definition is that it is a “threshold” process in the sense that one must first be selected to be a mentor, probably then should be trained to be an effective mentor and ready to be one, and THEN eventually matched to a specific protege whose needs “fit” the strengths of the mentor.

    Given that understanding…

  • MATCHING – is the assignment of a qualified (and therefore preselected) mentor to work with a specific protege.The implication of this definition is that a person could be selected and trained to be a mentor, but remain unassigned for a while until the next phase of the process is needed, the matching to a specific person.