Mentor Relationships

Here it is – the CORE of the entire mentoring enterprise – the mentoring relationship, In fact, thjs relationship is so central and integrated into everything we do that most of what needs to be said about it has already been said elsewhere throughout this web site. Hence, you may have already read some of these articles. If not, good. Here they are.

THE KEY QUESTIONS for this section

  • What are the critical factors in the M-P relationship?
  • How can a program support development of an effective M-P relationship
  • What are the roles of participants in building the M-P relationship?
  • How can participants build trust into their relationship?
  • Exactly what does “confidential” mean?
  • How will we ensure that the mentor-protege relationship remains confidential?
  • How does the M-P relationship change over time?  How SHOULD it change?
  • What should mentors do if protégés need to change a key behavior and won’t?
  • What should mentors say or do with supervisors if protégé behaviors that MUST change but haven’t?