Purpose and Goals

THE KEY QUESTIONS for this section

  • What is the difference between a purpose & the goals?
  • Do we also need a mission and vision for the mentoring program?
  • What goals and results can our program realistically expect to attain?
  • What are the options for mentor program goals that make the most sense for our employees and local needs as an organization?
  • Which combination of goals will address the needs we have identified?
  • Goal Permanence? Will our program’s goals be:
    • Far-reaching and valid for a long time? (requires foresight or psychic powers.)
    • Shorter term (2-3 years) and expected to change as the program evolves?
    • If the latter choice,
      • What changes do we expect to occur?
      • What time line do we expect those changes to follow?
      • How can we ensure that decisions at those later times are made in light of both our existing goals & emerging, different goals?
  • Are the different goals we have chosen for the mentoring program complimentary or counter to each other?
  • Do our mentor program goals compliment and not conflict with the goals of other improvement efforts?