Example Program Director Job Description

Mentor Program Site Coordinator Job Description
Provided by Mary Brooks, Mentor Program Site Coordinator, Des Moines, Iowa

My job description includes:

  • Provide leadership, expertise, and ongoing support to supervisors, mentors, and proteges ;
  • Develop materials and training, deliver and evaluate trainings for mentors, proteges and supervisors;
  • Develop base of supervisor understanding and support ;
  • Annually evaluate and revise mentor program to increase it’s effectiveness ;
  • Analyze costs and demonstrate program benefits ;
  • Provide leadership in knowledge, methods, and materials related to mentoring ;
  • Provide support to mentors in assuming and growing in their roles and responsibilities ;
  • Provide and promote observations of people at work among mentors and proteges ;
  • Maintain confidentiality in communication with all mentoring participants ;
  • Maintain my own professional growth through graduate and/or staff development courses, professional organizations, seminars, and reading of professional literature ;
  • Attend and/or present on mentoring at relevant professional conferences ;
  • Schedule time willingly with mentors, proteges, and supervisors ;
  • Get involved in solving specific problems with work conflicts, in mentoring pairs, with supervisors; and other persons who are not program participants ;
  • Monitor the effectiveness of program activites throughout the year ;
  • Solicit feedback from proteges, mentors, and supervisors ;
  • Visit all proteges at work and provide feedback to them on their work and professional growth;
  • Assist all proteges in submitting documentation for their Professional Development Goals and Plan.