Program Leadership

THE KEY QUESTIONS for this section

  • What Mentor Program Leadership, Advisory, or Governance Group is needed?
  • Do we need a formal, written governing agreement for our mentoring program?
    • If so, who should be the parties to this agreement?
  • What stake holders should be involved in designing & governing the mentoring program?
    • Mentors?
    • Protégés?
    • New but experienced employees?
    • Managers (at what levels)
    • Board members?
    • Union or association leaders?
    • Community members?
    • University faculty?
    • Retired employees?
    • Others?
  • In what ways can each stake holder group be meaningfully involved in program design?
  • Who will develop selection & matching criteria and processes?
  • Is a Mentor Program Leader needed?
  • What are the roles and tasks of a mentor program coordinator ?