Time Line for Gradual Program Implementation

By Barry Sweeny, 2009

FYI – There is also a narrative form of this implementation model

KEY: P = Protege, AM = morning, PM = afternoon, PD = professional development

NOTE – The last two columns on the right (Year 6 and Year 7) have nothing in them until lower in the time line.

Program Components /
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6 Year 7
New Employee Orientation 1 day w/ org. & community
reps., area bus tour
Add 2 AMs of org’l expectations,
PM with mentor
Add 1 day, AM organizational
initiatives, PM w/ mentor
Collaborative Mentor Program Planning Group Create group & plan program Add program leader Add mentor of mentors role
Protege Training Yr 1 P 12 hrs Add 9 hrs req’d year 1, &
9 hrs req’d year 2
Peer Support Groups for proteges and for mentors Add 3 meetings/year, facilitated
& structured
Mentor Program Add mentors for only beginning
Guide/Buddy Program Add Guide help for all novice & experienced proteges Just for proteges w/ 2 years or + prior experience
Mentor & Guide Training Add for Guides Use external mentor & coach
Do own mentor training w/ own trainers, hire external coaching trainer Do coaching training w/ own trainers Add coaching training option for non mentor program staff
Observations by proteges of experts 2 days each for year 1 & 2 Observe w/ mentor, confer after Choose from demonstration directory
Professional Development Goals and Action Plans Informal between protege &
Informal betw. protege &
mentor, formal set at end of year 1
Professional Development Portfolio Year 1 “save your stuff”
& reflect on it @ end of year
Add year 2 stuff related to
standards, organize to show PD growth
Add instrument to assess actual vs. standards, write reflection
Program Evaluation Assess needs of potential proteges & the organization Add assessment of all newly
implemented programs
Add assessm’t of newly implemented
Assess portfolio & goals impact on PD growth Add assessment of P skills on standards Assess increase of P skills
on standards
Add assessment of impact on
bottom line results