Mentor Research Reports

Why do you need quality mentoring research?

Every mentoring and coaching effort is designed and implemented to accomplish some purpose. This is even true if you have no written goals. Results – That is what we want. We want our mentoring efforts and programs to accomplish what they were designed to do.

We can accomplish this by developing programs based on best practices IF those best practices have been derived from research.

We can also accomplish this intention by using the findings and recommendations of quality mentoring research as the basis for our planning. What Does the Research Say About Mentoring? That is what this page is ALL about. It’s the guidance you need to develop mentoring that accomplishes YOUR intentions.

The Mentoring “Body of Knowledge” (MBOK) – This is the IMA’s database of almost 4,000 annotated research citations on mentoring – And you can access it through an author, topic, or keyword electronic search to take you right to the sources you want to find.