Government Mentoring Programs


The US Department of Transportation “Pass It On” Mentoring Program

The Federal Department of Transportation program gives employees the opportunity to receive career guidance from role models from any organization or operating administration in the Department. DOT employees may apply on-line to be a mentor or mentee. The program web site gives participants guiding information for mentoring and about their program, It also provides a detailed Mentoring Handbook. The
program is sponsored and managed by the DOT Office of Human Resource Management and supports two types of mentoring:

  • Mentoring of novice DOT employees who have more extensive needs,
  • Mentoring of seasoned, sophisticated employees who transfer to, or are hired into a new office.

US Department of Labor Mentoring Program

The U.S. Department of Labor program is focused on mentoring individuals with disabilities to help them develop needed skills for professional and career development.


• United States Postal Service- Office of Inspector General

This agency developed a program design and provided mentor training for about 50 volunteer from both the Investigations and Auditing Divisions in Washington DC offices, and in seven other major USA cities. The diffysed nature of the locations led to the mentor training being provided by way of an audio-video system which carried the training content and discussions from the Washington DC site to the others, and which provided interactive questions and answers to increase the usefulness of the training and the engagement of those at the remote site. The focus of the mentoring is the professional development of new and junior staff to increase their performance and more quickly and effectively prepare them for greater responsibilities. The program is coordinated by a program facilitator from the USPS OIG HR and TRaining office.

New York State Training Council Mentor-Protégé Program

The NYSTC is a not-for-profit group that supports the training and development of the State’s workforce to achieve organizational effectiveness. This organization is an association of training administrators from New York State agencies who meet regularly to share ideas and experiences and address issues of mutual concern and interest. The NYSTC provides the program as a professional development opportunity for those who are new to the field of training and organizational development, or are interested in exploring a new field of interest within that discipline. Such newer or motivated Council members receive the mentoring of the experienced practitioners on the Council.

NYS Department of Economic Development Mentoring Program

The program is sponsored by the Governor’s Office of Employee Relations. The purpose is to facilitate the transition of qualified clerical and secretarial employees into the professional ranks. The DoED offers a two-day mentor training program for interested New York State Employees through the Workforce Development Opportunities Program. Employees who are the proteges can move into the title of Economic Development Program Specialist 1 after successfully passing a competitive examination and completing the two year long training and mentoring program.

The mentors are Senior Economic Development professionals who advise the trainee on professional development, assist in on-the-job training, and consulting on work assignments and performance evaluations. Typically trainees identify a senior professional that he or she would like as a mentor. The Human Resources Office is responsible for monitoring the trainee’s development program. Trainees
provide progress updates at scheduled intervals.

Delaware State Personnel Office Mentoring Program

The State of Delaware Mentoring Program promotes the expansion of professional knowledge and skills for career development and helps employees to achieve more. The program is sponsored by the Delaware State Personnel Office

The State of Oklahoma Mentor Program

The State of Oklahoma Mentor Program is managed by the Oklahoma Office of Personnel Management. The program was created by the Oklahoma Legislature in 1994 to develop the executive potential of employees in all branches of State government, with a special emphasis on women, racial minorities, and individuals with disabilities. State employees are selected to participate in the program and are assigned to a policy-level manager for six-month intervals during a two-year management rotation in various State agencies and the Legislature. This gives proteges an overall understanding of state-wide functions and opportunities.

The mentors instruct the protégé in the agency’s purpose and functions and seek to develop the protege’s attitudes of professionalism and public service. Mentors also provide career guidance and a reference after the management rotation is completed.

City of Tempe, Arizona Mentor Program

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

The goal of the program is for mentors to accelerate the protégé’s growth, knowledge, and skills to prepare that person for greater productivity or achievement in the future. Mentors are expected to

  • invest effort and time (nominally, 1 hour per week in a progress review meeting.
  • Help the protégé articulate realistic short-term and long- term career goals and objectives.
  • Help the protégé identify a career development plan, documenting the resulting activities on the individual development plan
  • The elements of this (goals, plan, activities) are documented as a written Mentoring Agreement.

The Oak Ridge National Laboratory (a science and technology laboratory is part of the U.S. Department of Energy web site has information on mentoring, including a slide show on mentoring. This slide show covers topics such as the story/origin of mentoring; characteristics of formal and informal mentoring;
reasons for mentoring; benefits of mentoring; roles and responsibilities; and characteristics of mentors and protégés.

National Institute of Standards and Technology Mentoring Program

The NIST is a non-regulatory federal agency located within the U.S. Department of Commerce.