University Faculty Mentoring Outside the University

Most universities care very much about the institution’s relationship with the surrounding community in which it serves. That is why many university-based programs are opened to the community. It’s also one reason why many universities offer “continuing education” credit and non=credit courses and workshops. In some cases, this is why the expertise of faculty members is made available to the community in the form of mentoring. Here are a few examples of this very approach.


The UWM Experts Directory

The UWM Experts Directory is produced by the UWM Office of University Communications and Media Relations to assist people in the media from the community in accessing information they need and for which the UWM has experts willing to share their knowldege. That sounds like a form of mentoring to us! For example, the current (12-2010) listings show two faculty members who can provide the media with information about mentoring.

This guide is organized into two main sections – a listing by subject and a listing by name, to facilitate access by search for key words.