Mentoring University Students by Community Members



University of Rochester (NY USA) School of Medicine Pediatrics Mentorship – The Millennial Fellowship Program

High quality mentoring is the cornerstone of this fellowship program. A primary mentor meets weekly with each fellow to review progress, set expectations, provide project-specific as well as overall career advice, and offer feedback and guidance.
Also each fellow has a Scholarship Oversight Committee (SOC), which consists of the mentor and 2-3 individuals selected by content area, one of whom is outside the department and generally outside the University. This SOC convenes every 6 months, or more often if needed, to assess the fellow’s performance and provide advice.

Project-specific mentors are selected according to their content expertise to guide fellows on their two research studies. In addition, all fellows receive intensive mentoring on their papers, presentations, and grant proposals.

A community pediatric advisor is available to work individually with fellows on community-based projects. Dr. Neil Herendeen (director of our primary care clinic) serves as a clinical mentor and provides specific guidance and feedback regarding fellows’ clinical performance in primary care.

This rigorous, engaging, but flexible program is based on the principles of good mentorship in Brad Johnson’s book, On Being a Mentor. Dr. Szilagyi’s leadership in the “Mentorship Core” of the university’s Clinical Translational Science Institute has brought him into contact with Dr. Johnson and other university mentor leaders and helped raise the level of mentorship for both fellows and faculty in our division. Some of our unique mentoring activities involve engaging the fellow in national programs, introducing them to the “culture” of the field, and helping them make the transition to faculty level positions.


The UWM Lubar School of Business Student-Alumni Multicultural Mentoring Program

The Lubar School of Business’ Multicultural Mentoring Program serves as an avenue for connecting junior and senior multicultural business students who are admitted to their major with business professionals. These business professionals in the community will serve as mentors to the students providing knowledge, in-depth experience, support and advice.

Interested students complete a Protégé Application, which can be obtained from the Undergraduate Student Services office.

The Multicultural Program Coordinator matches the protégé with a professional mentor from their specific field of study.

The student and her/his mentor will meet informally at least twice a semester on various topics pertaining to the student’s interest. Student and mentor will be periodically invited to special programs targeting the protégé/mentor relationship.

Targeted Population The Multicultural Mentoring program is looking for enthusiastic and proactive juniors and seniors. Protégés are expected to show interest in exploring career options, seeking guidance and developing a network base within the professional community.