A Mentoring Time and Activity Log

© Barry Sweeny, 1997

One way of assessing the work of mentoring is to monitor the use of time by the protege and mentor. A number of programs use a “mentoring log” and ask mentors to keep track of things like dates, number of hours, kind of activity, with whom, etc. Whether or not a mentoring log is a good idea depends greatly on the climate in the organization and the level of trust between employees and managers.

For example, in an organization where trust is rare, the use of a log may raise “red flags”. Such a situation will often lead to accusations of “They don’t trust us.”, etc. which may, of course, be true.

However, in an organization where there is considerable trust established, a mentoring log can be used and explained as a way to track the need of mentoring pairs for released time and whether the organization’s allowances for that time is really sufficient for mentoring needs. In other words, the log is MORE a program assessment, not so much a personal assessment.

At any rate, consider these things before deciding on the use of the mentoring log as a means of assessment. Further, when you do use a log, explain in writing the organization’s position on these issues on the top of the log so they are very visible reminders of what the log is and is not. This alone can head off the potential of any grumbling.

Here is an example of one approach to “logging” mentors use of time.

Organization X Mentoring Time and Activity Log

Each mentor should keep an up-to-date listing on this “Log” of the time spent mentoring. Please save one clean copy to duplicate and use those duplicates of this page as necessary. Although this log may be a challenge to maintain, the organization’s Mentoring Program needs this information to conduct analysis of the adequacy of the released time provided for mentoring and to demonstrate to those not involved in mentoring how the work of mentors is carried out.

Send the completed log pages to the Mentor Program Coordinator at the end of each quarter. Send the fourth quarter log by June 7th as the last requirement to receive your mentor stipend check. We thank you for your commitment to the success of your proteges and their growth and performance! We also hank you for you professionalism and commitment to improving our profession.

Mentor’s Name __________________ Assigned Site ___________ Date ____

Protege’s Name ______________________

For “who” and activiies, mark an X on any that apply. Please use the following codes for column headings regarding type of mentoring activity:   1 =telling & explaining, 2 =planning & organizing, 3 =working together, 4 =coaching conference, 5 =observation


Date # Hours Where M P Other Persons? Description of Activity if Columns 1-5 Do Not Apply 1 2 3 4 5
9/12/10 1.5 Career Dev Dept. X CD Committee Mentoring presentation X
9/15/10 1 P’s office X X Pre Conference for observa. X X
9/19/10 2 312, confr rm X X P. led his team mtg Obs, then post confr. X X
9/20/10 1 P’s Office X X set 2 new growth goals X X
10/18/10 1/2 Cafeteria X X problem solving X
10/22/10 1/2 M’s office X review M. Style, plan next mtg X
# times6 Total Hrs6 1/2 3 2 1 2 1

(Of course, the log you use could need many more horizontal rows for the information.)