Attorney Mentor-Protege Agreement

An Example –  Mentoring Agreement – Lawyers

The undersigned do hereby agree to enter into a mentoring relationship for a period of xx years

The Mentee’s goals for this relationship are:

  • To become a better personal injury litigator;
  • To improve skills for conducting examinations for discovery;
  • To improve skills for cross-examining expert witnesses.

The parties hereto agree and acknowledge:

  • To be available for consultation by telephone or e-mail during regular business hours, and occasionally in person;
  • To meet in person quarterly to review the progress of the relationship, and to discuss how the relationship can be improved;
  • That the Mentor will look for opportunities to introduce the Mentee to other members of the local bar;
  • That they will meet in person to deal with any events or circumstances that make continuing the relationship difficult or awkward;
  • That all matters discussed in the course of the relationship shall be confidential, unless both parties agree that disclosure can occur;
  • That the Mentor will not assist the Mentee on following types of matters:
    • Direct involvement in dispute resolution;
    • Acting as an advocate for career advancement; and
    • The lending of money or financial matters;
    • That the Mentor will not have any contact with the Mentor’s client that would create a solicitor/client relationship;
  • That the Mentee understands that she was responsible for individually and independently satisfying herself of the soundness of any suggestions, recommendations or advice-like comments made by the Mentor;
  • That the Mentee will hold the Mentor harmless for any professional liability claim arising on a matter that the Mentor provided advice to the Mentee; and,
  • That the Mentor will not be subject to any deductible or claims levy surcharge on any claim against a Mentor arising out of this mentoring relationship.

_____________________________ as “Mentor” Date:_______________
______________________________ as “Mentee” Date:_______________

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