Conceptual Foundational Frameworks

If we know the questions we have to answer to be an effective mentoring program, how do we begin to thoughtfully consider and choose the answers to the “KEY” questions so that our decisions are informed by research and expert practitioners (so we save our time and costs), and so we are using principles that are known to be the most effective?

The first step is to use the following conceptual frameworks as the organizer and basis for all of your program structures and strategies. From the frameworks will flow all the other decisions you need to make. Using these frameworks to guide those decisions will help you to grow highly effective mentors and to create and develop a powerful, results-delivering program.

THE KEY QUESTIONS for this section

  • How can we be sure that the mentoring program is designed to effectively develop protégés to be high performing people?
  • What research-based model of human development should we use as the basic structure for planning the mentoring program?
  • How would that same conceptual framework effect program implementation, evaluation, or improvement?
  • How would that same conceptual framework shape the mentoring process?