Better Performance

Solutions for Increasing Performance

Building better performance turns out to be tougher to do than many would think. In fact, many professional development programs have found they struggle to get the “bang for their buck” that they expect. Sound familiar?  The results we need almost always depend on linking these other efforts with the individual support, guidance, and accountability of mentoring.

Increasing the performance of others certainly relates to skill building, but it includes much more, like better understanding, more strategic thinking, motivation to become more productive, etc. – things we can best learn from an excellent model, someone who has succeeded in doing what we need to learn and do – a mentor !

Better performance also depends on providing the support people need and deserve to overcome past habits, old thinking, grow to meet the standards for performance, and to implement what they have learned in training today in their practice tomorrow. Better performance, improved results – the best way to make these happen is through effective (not just any) mentoring.