The following are the organization-wide “Standing Committees” of the International Mentoring Association. We encourage you to read these, find an area that interests you and/or fits your skills and experience, and GET INVOLVED IN THE IMA.  Thanks.

Executive Committee of the Board of Directors

  • Dr. Linda Coy, Chair & President
  • Nora Dominguez, President-Elect
  • Brenda McIntosh, Secretary/Treasurer

International Conference Planning Committee

  • Nora Dominguez, Chair
  • Linda Searby
  • Ann Rolfe
  • Brenda Marina
  • Allison McWilliams

This committee serves as the IMA international conference planners. Usually the International IMA Conference is held every other year to allow the Board to focus on regional/affiliate conferences during the in-between years. The Board of Directors selects the city to host the International Conference. The committee seeks information from the Board and the membership, specifically those in the host city, for potential speakers and special events, and then works for the previous two years to plan the agenda and major details of this amazing event.

Conference Proposal Screening Committee

  • Chair (Vacant)

The Conference Proposal Screening Committee is an action team of the International Conference Planning Committee, which work together to ensure that top quality presenters for the concurrent sessions and preconference mentoring institutes and workshops are selected, and that all conference activities support the IMA Mission.

Finance/Fundraising Committee

  • Brenda McIntosh, Chair
  • Linda Coy
  • Nancy Phenis-Bourke
  • Kimberly Mizell

This group oversees and monitors the fiscal operations of the IMA, develops and presents to the Executive Committee the annual budget for IMA, and develops and assists in implementation of an IMA funding strategy. Also, they seek and obtain a range of resources from donors and sponsors to support IMA activities and initiatives.

Governance Committee

  • Linda Coy, Chair
  • Nancy Phenis-Bourke
  • Karen Posa-Amrhein
  • Allison McWilliams

The Board governs the IMA. The Governance Committee is a monitoring/evaluating/supporting body to the IMA Board. They specifically manage the IMA By-Laws and suggest revision of them as needed. As such, they monitor Board practices, identify issues that warrant attention for possible modification of the By-Laws, clarity, and/or addition, and addresses issues that are referred to the committee. They make recommendations to the Board toward the objective of enhancing the organization’s management, mission, and philosophy.

International Alliances

  • Nora Dominguez

This group generates and sustains relationships with other professional organizations, agencies, and initiatives that share common values regarding the importance of mentoring. Exemplary relationships range from sharing information, participation in each others’ events, contributing to each others’ publications, and mutually disseminating information, to co-sponsoring events and publications. A primary focus is promoting cross-cultural understanding and sharing the common knowledge base of research and best practices in mentoring across the globe.

Marketing Committee

  • Brenda McIntosh, Chair
  • Nora Dominguez
  • Aaron Fuller

The marketing Committee develops and executes the IMA marketing plan and related efforts to promote the growth and success of the IMA and it’s activities.

Membership Committee

  • Chair (Vacant)

The Membership Committee works with the Marketing Committee to develop an IMA growth strategy to promote the benefits of IMA membership, to recruit new members and retain existing members.

Nominating Committee

  • Linda Coy, Chair
  • Brenda McIntosh
  • Monica Porter

Publicizes, accepts, reviews applications, and interviews candidates for IMA Board vacancies, recommends a slate to the membership at the IMA annual meeting.


  • Chair – Vacant
  • Margie Vela

Publications is responsible for editorial and distribution policies for all publications of the IMA. The committee explores opportunities for IMA to broaden is publications base, including but not limited to “The Mentoring Connection” (IMA Newsletter), the IMA web site, all promotional flyers and brochures, the Mentoring Body of Knowledge, a possible peer reviewed journal of mentoring research and applications, and any other publications the committee deems necessary to promote the IMA Mission.

Standards Committee

  • Chair (Vacant)

Serves as a catalyst for promoting excellence in mentoring. The committee develops and recommends guidelines to assist organizations in creating and sustaining successful mentoring programs and effective mentoring practices. The gudielines are based on best practices drawn from research and expert experience.

Outstanding Mentoring Dissertation Award

  • Chair (Vacant)

The Hope Richardson IMA Dissertation Award action team is a subset of the Standards Committee. The team uses IMA and several higher education publications to solicit doctoral dissertation submissions that significantly advance the knowledge and understanding of mentoring theories, concepts, and practices related to the mission of the IMA. The team works with the Standards Committee to identify, recognize, and disseminate significant contributions to the advancement of the field of mentoring, and promotes other such activities as the team deems appropriate to the mission of IMA. Every other year one “Outstanding Mentoring Dissertation” is selected by this committee. Committee members utilize a board-approved rubric to review, categorize, and rate the dissertations which have met submission criteria.

The author of the selected research is given the Dr. Hope Richardson Mentoring Dissertation Award, receives a year free IMA membership, and $1,000 to be used to attend the next IMA International Conference, receive the award, and present an abstract of their dissertation.

Professional Development

  • Chair (Vacant)

Professional Development is an action team of the Standards Committee. The team creates opportunities for IMA members to enhance themselves as effective mentors, program leaders, etc. and seeks to develop a certification process to officially recognize outstanding mentors, progrom leaders, etc. The team’s activities also include workshops, one-to-one sessions, and coaching.