IMA’s Privacy Policy & Business Practices Promise

Privacy Policy:

The IMA Needs your email address and other contact information to deliver the newsletter and other informational mailings and services to you. There fore, IMA makes THREE promises about the use of all the information you share with us:

  1. The IMA will keep all your financial information confidential and only use it ourselves for the purposes you authorized.
  2. The IMA will use the personal and mentoring information you provide us to help IMA staff and leadership to improve the quality and effectiveness of our service to you as an individual, or to your unique mentoring program.
  3. The IMA WILL provide your personal and mentoring information to other IMA members for purposes of networking, sharing information relative to mentoring, and assisting each other.

However, IMA does occasionally sell it’s mailing list to outside, but mentoring-related, professional, noncommercial organizations, because we believe you would like to receive information about mentoring events and resources beyond what IMA provides.¬† If you do not want your name on the list which is sold under such conditions, contact the IMA BUSINESS OFFICE¬† and ask that it be removed. That contact info is found on the “Contact IMA” link under the “About IMA menu on the side.

IMA will use a web hosting service which provides a “Secure Socket Server” and secure, encrypted transmissions to ensure that your confidential information remains private.

IMA will use the information you provide us to send you occasional and brief notices of new information, services, and products that IMA provides. This will only occur about every other month.

Your agreement with these policies is implied in the act of joining IMA.

Business Practices Promise:

IMA wants your confidence and repeat business so we know that we must deal honestly with you and provide services and products which you will find meet your needs and which are useful and of value to you. Doing exactly that is our commitment!

  • The IMA will make a sincere effort to correctly describe our services and products, so that you will receive products and services which are as IMA has described them.
  • The IMA will make a sincere effort to provide you with services and products which are of consistently high quality.
  • If you receive products from IMA which have been damaged or are unusable in the form you receive them, IMA will gladly and promptly replace those products.