The IMA board of directors provides the intellectual leadership and commitment necessary to drive progress in the field of mentoring. The international membership of the board combines the best of academic and research advances in the field with the best of practical implementation within diverse contexts.

The Board meets bi-monthly via teleconference with the executive director to translate the IMA vision into practice. Board members serve four-year terms.




Dr. Nancy Phenis-Bourke, President

president term: 2018-2020
board term: 2016-2020

Dr. Phenis-Bourke serves on public and private nonprofit boards, including hospital, community foundations, and private adult and youth special services. Her expertise is in strategic planning, nonprofit board governance with policy making, and protocols, which she applies to her private consulting contracts. She also specializes in sustainability plans and regulatory compliance. Dr. Phenis-Bourke is a certified national principal mentor, facilitator, and a True Colors trainer/facilitator. Her organizational leadership has been recognized by local school districts, the Indiana department of education, the federal department of education, the National Association of Elementary School Principals, and Leadership America. Nancy enjoys adventure and leisure travel, global culinary experiences, home gardening, golfing, reading mysteries, sport biking, designing jewelry, and networking. She is married and has four adult children living in four states. Dr. Phenis-Bourke resides in the Midwest and in Southeast.

Pendleton, Indiana, USA


Brenda Marina-2

 Dr. Brenda Marina, President-Elect

president-elect term: 2018-2020

board term: 2017-2021

Brenda L. H. Marina, Ph.D., a retired higher education leadership educator.  She has been a board member for since 2013 and a general member since 2004. Dr. Marina is a peer reviewer for the International Journal of Mentoring and Coaching in Education and has served as a moderator for the Research and Mentoring strand for the European Mentoring and Coaching Council E-Conference. Her scholarship explores women in leadership, mentoring for leadership, multicultural competence in higher education, and global education issues from a womanist perspective.  She is the author and co-author of several publications related to her scholarship. Her published books include Beyond Retention: Cultivating Spaces of Equity, Justice, and Fairness for Women of Color in U.S. Higher Education and Mentoring Away the Glass Ceiling in Academe: A Cultured Critique. 

Akron, Ohio, USA


 Dr. Linda Searby, Secretary-Treasurer

board term: 2016 – 2020

Dr. Linda Searby is an associate professor of Educational Leadership at Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama, where she teaches courses in Leadership and Administration, Curriculum and Supervision, Action Research, School Change, and Mentoring. She is an associate editor for Mentoring & Tutoring: Partnerships in Learning journal, member of the editorial review board for the International Journal of Mentoring and Coaching in Education, and reviewer for several journals in educational leadership. Dr. Searby has published over 20 peer-reviewed articles on the development of a mentoring mindset in the protégé and is a mentoring coach and trainer. She is co-editor of Best Practices in Mentoring for Teacher and Leader Development and co-editor International Handbook of Mentoring (both forthcoming). Dr. Searby is a graduate of Lincoln Christian University (B.A.), Eastern Illinois University (M.S.), and Illinois State University (Ph.D.). Along with her husband, Dr. Mark Searby, she is the co-owner of Peacewood Consulting, a leadership development and mentoring resources consulting business.

Auburn, Alabama, USA.


Ms. Carol Riley, Member

board term: 2016-2020

Dr. Riley is  the National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP) ssociate Executive Director, Professional Learning and Outreach.. She advocates for pre-K–12 principals in the areas of professional development, research, and leadership initiatives. She has served as associate executive director for NAESP Membership Development, and is a past-president of the Ohio Association of Elementary School Principals. Carol was an adjunct professor for graduate reading courses and a consultant with the Maryland Association of Elementary School Principals developing a non-profit foundation for educational improvement. She has also worked in adult literacy and home schooling programs. Carol has presented internationally on mentor programming, professional learning, and principal standards. She has served as principal for 14 years in rural and suburban school districts in Ohio, an administrative director of curriculum and instruction, a supervisor for 46 elementary schools, and a teacher.

Haymarket, Virginia, USA


Julie Gonzales, Member

board term: 2016 – 2020

Julie Gonzales has mentored Elmhurst College students by providing career advising and mentoring opportunities. She is an expert in mentor program design and has directed Elmhurst College mentoring program, which was the first to receive accreditation by the IMA, for over ten years.  Ms. Gonzales graduated from Elmhurst College with a BS in Management and MA in Industrial Organizational Psychology. She is an active member in her community serving the United Methodist Northern church representative and certified lay speaker, a member of her local church council and is founder and director of an after school program, “Easy” Care Youth Program, serving middle school youth in her community.